Get gold standard service

Selling a home can be a time consuming and confusing process. Make sure an ABLE Realtor is by your side.


We will educate you on all market factors that may influence price, preparation and the promotion of your property so you can make an informed decision that best benefits your needs. We will then present you with a customized marketing plan to reach the broadest market, both locally and internationally, for your property so you can secure the best offer. With CENTURY 21® as one of the largest global real estate brands and our REALTORS® focus on the local market, we are confident that it will position you for success in your property sale.

When you’re ready to take the leap into selling your home, we’ve got your back. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us:

The Marketing Plan

Each home is unique. Advertising unique things requires strategy. Let's break down our online and offline methods into 5 key points.

You Get The Best Price

A well priced home generates competing offers and drives up the final sale value. Our market analysis provides accurate prices and home values throughout your area, including expired listings and properties still on the market. This way, you can skip the guesswork and long waiting periods due to inaccurate home values.

You Get The Best Deal

When we list your home, we do so at no additional cost. When you start to get offers, we represent you during the negotiating process and ensure that you get the best price, and favourable closing terms that are clearly spelled out. We bring a cool head to a sometimes heated table.

You Get Constant Communication

A listing up on the market is great...but what goes on exactly? You won’t have to guess. With us, we’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening with your listing, including metrics and insights. And if the market is calmer than usual, we reach out anyway.

You Get Our Undivided Attention

Homes can sometimes be listed and bought with the same Realtor handling both sides, also known as double ending. We believe it’s not fair to the buyer, and it’s not fair to the seller. Our job is to represent YOU. That’s why our team exists. If the situation ever arises, we eliminate the possibility of double ending by bringing in another member of the team. This collaboration allows the buyer and you, the seller, to be fairly represented.

You Get Stellar Marketing

Buyers are everywhere. Some buyers prefer to do their house hunting through print, some prefer to do their hunting in person and some (okay, lots) like to do their hunting online. Knowing this:

  • we list your home through multiple online sites, including our website here, that see a fair amount of traffic
  • we feature your listing at least once on our social media platforms
  • show your listing on our digital board (20 impressions equals 11,000 views)
  • remarket/retarget your online listing to those who have already taken a peek at it online
  • we show your listing in our magazine, The Century 21 Buying and Selling Guide (approximately 15,000 copies printed from April to October each year - distributed to Yorkton and Melville).


In this way, your home is as locally and globally accessible as it needs to be. That’s the power of C21.

The power of Century 21

Century 21

Global Exposure

Your listing gets ultimate global market exposure to promote your property both to the neighbourhood next door and to the other side of the world. Every CENTURY 21® listing gets included on which is available in 36 countries and in 18 languages. In addition, it is automatically listed on which is the largest real estate and rental marketplace in the U.S.

Customized Marketing Plan

We work closely with you to create a plan to reach the broadest market for your property so you can secure the best offer. With CENTURY 21® we can better market your listings and stand out from the crowd.

Cutting Edge Training

Our philosophy is to train our people to be the best they can be. Our C21 training programs are designed to help a REALTOR® every step of the way. We provide one of the most comprehensive performance-based learning platforms in the industry.

Community Support

We believe in giving back to our local communities. Easter Seals Canada has been our charity of choice for more than 40 years, giving children living with disabilities the ability to experience summer camp through our Kids to Camp program. We are proud of our system members that have raised over 11 million dollars since our partnership began in 1979.